Pumpkin & Bourbon Pumpkin Oil Scrub


Pumpkin and Bourbon Scrub

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This smells so good you might just want to put it in your coffee!  It is the sweet scent of bourbon blended with the spicy scent of pumpkin.  But it’s not the scent that makes it special…it’s the ingredients!  This formulation gently removes dull skin cells while ensuring that your skin is left moisturized and smooth afterwards. Boasting a coarser grain size, this pumpkin sugar scrub will make exfoliation a breeze.  Pumpkin oil  naturally contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and the three extracts in the scrub are full of antioxidants.  The organic turbinado sugar is a type of light brown sugar that is of a coarser grain to provide a better scrubbing effect.  5.5 oz.

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