Trifecta Triple Pleasure for your skin


Trifecta Effect for your Skin…Your choice


The perfect combination for your skin.  Goat milk soap daily for your body, followed by lotion, and exfoliate at least once a week.  Within a month of consistent use you may see more radiant skin, less itching, hydrated nourished skin!  Give it a try.  How does this work?  Simply pick your soap of choice, your lotion of choice, and pick a scrub…for your body I recommend the Pumpkin Seed Oil Brown Sugar Scrub.  Put all three in your cart and use code triple.  You will receive a 23% discount on the purchase of all three.  You must purchase one of each to receive the discount.  May not be used with other coupons.

Your body, your choice, all about your favorites.

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Weight 5 oz