I love goats, living in the country and being as natural as possible. I come from a place where all natural really does mean all natural...no chemicals, parabens, or toxins. Our goat milk soap, lotions and CBD products are chemical and cruelty free.

Goat Milk Soap Was Just the Beginning Toward Happy Skin

After fighting with eczema and special medication, I decided enough was enough.  Soni’s Suds was created.  No more medication, special expensive soaps and lotions.

Just pure natural soap made the old fashioned way but with a little flair. 

Our formula is a moisturizing blend of sweet almond, coconut and olive oil and rich butters. This formula provides a smooth creamy lather that will  clean and moisturize your skin better than commercial  products.

Vegetable fats and oils, like those found in our soaps, are extremely gentle on the skin. They produce a high glycerin content during the soap making process.  Most commercial soap is made from inexpensive oils or shortening and animal fat; as well as; chemicals used for preservatives or lathering agents.

Handcrafted soap is extremely moisturizing because of the high glycerin levels.  Glycerin helps to add moisturize to the skin and protect it from drying out.  Most commercial soaps have been milled, WHICH extracts the glycerin, leaving a hard long lasting bar that doesn’t moisturize your skin. 

Try our soap.  Your skin will love the difference! 

We now carry a full line of CBD products. All cbd products are third party tested, made from full spectrum cbd, non gmo facility, and made from hemp grown and farmed in Colorado.  

Given the nature of my products and how CBD and other products work differently for all people, I do not offer refunds.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 937.260.0877 or email me!