Extend the life of your soap

Extend the life of your Natural Soap
You love your natural soap! Your skin feels better than ever since you have been using it. But, if only it would last longer. No worries! Here are some tips to extend the life of your natural soap!
Use a soap saver bag. These bags come in various fabrics. Some are mesh, some are natural fibers. They extend the life of your soap by increasing the lather and keeping your 

soap dry between uses. Plus, the fiber bags make an awesome daily exfoliation for your body. The more moisture the soap attracts after use, the less uses you will get from your soap.

Use a natural soap dish. Something made out of natural material that will allow the soap to drain fully. My favorite is an inexpensive bamboo soap dish. It allows the soap to fully dry between uses and be cause of the slats, it cannot lay in water between uses. Make sure your soap can drain.  If you love a shower, you might consider something like in the photo.  It hangs on your shower nozzle by a rope and keeps your soap dry between showers. So basically you don’t want your soap to lay on a shelf or in a soap dish where it might get soggy. The lack of detergents and other chemicals in a natural soap, allow it to get softer and melt so to speak. Keeping it dry between uses is the best way to extend the life of your soap.

To purchase soap savers, check out Soni’s Suds website at www.sonissudssoap.com.

What’s in your soap

I dare you to compare a bar of commercial soap to a bar of natural soap.  You will notice many ingredients you don’t recognize in a commercial bar of soap. 

Most commercial bars of soap are really laundry detergent disguised as soap.   The bubbling agent is mainly a form of SLS, which is quite harmful for your skin.  SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, is a harsh chemical known to irritate skin and clog pores.  You will also find it shampoo, which can cause irritation  to the scalp.  Natural ingredients is just that…natural.  No article chemicals or harmful detergents.  You might miss all that bubbly lather, but your skin will love you and be less irritated.  You might even find you need to apply less lotion.