Great Gift for Easter under $10

Great Gift Ideas Under $10 for Easter

Created by Soni’s Suds Soap
For real, right now you want to limit your shopping time in public. No doubt, I agree and we are all being safe currently and in the future weeks. However, life goes on. Easter still arrives. The meaning of the Easter holiday is the most important issue to focus on and glory to God for his blessings. But the kiddos still want to hunt eggs and receive Easter baskets. I’m sure your yard will be cluttered with plastic Easter eggs this year…saved over from year to year! But what about the Easter baskets. Here is a list of 10 cute things you can make at home or purchase online to make those baskets sparkle just a little.
1. Unicorn or Shark Attack soap. A delight for kids and they will actually want to wash their hands just to get to the toy! It’s a win/win for parents and the kiddos. Add some fish food snacks or magic fairy dust bag of snack mix…made at home of course with yummy little things you have on hand. To add a little punch, include a bright colored bath sponge.
2. Homemade cookies or brownies. Every child loves home baked goods…add jelly beans on top or add some bunny ears made from icing or cardboard. Licorice makes great bunny whiskers! To top off the gift add a carrot full of bubble bath. This little bundle includes bubble bath and three bunny soaps! Again…washing hands is more fun with bunny soap!
3. A coupon book. It’s hard to go somewhere right now, but you can make a homemade book of coupons that your child can cash in this summer. A trip to Dairy Queen, the swimming pool, or to see a movie. Just the thought of spending quality time with Mom and Dad will bring a smile to their face.
4. Frog Fart Bubble Bath and Soap. It’s time for some fun. A package of frog fart bubble bath and a soap with a frog toy is just the ticket to get some giggles. And some cupcakes with green frosting and white jelly beans as the eyes! Red licorice for the mouth and frog tongue. Your kids will say ribbet as they hop to the tub!
5. Make your own bath bombs with those plastic Easter eggs. There are lots of recipes on line to make your own bath bombs for the kids. They are super easy and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen! Please don’t use food coloring…it is very unsafe for the skin. Mix together baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and carrier oils. Blend together with rubbing alcohol and essential oils and there you go! Check out recipes online and use your Easter eggs as a mold. They can enjoy a whole basket of egg bath bombs!
6. Create your own coloring book. It’s super easy. Download coloring book pages, print them off and bind them together with colorful ribbon or yarn. While you are stuck in the house with home schooling, this will give you a stress-free break. Want to jump in up a notch? Make some homemade slime. Again, super easy recipes online and use what you have at home. Glue, borax, food coloring (wash really well after use), and shaving foam. Easy as can be!
7. Bucket of fun! These cute gift sets contain both a soap with a toy, bubble bath, and a bucket to play with in the tub. Add your own carrot play dough in a cute ziplock baggie with a bunny on the front and you have an adorable gift! It’s easy to make play dough… 2 cups Flour. 1 cup salt, 4 t. cream of tartar, and orange Kool-Aid.
8. Bath Bomb with a toy inside. What child doesn’t want to find a surprise in their bathbomb! These are custom ordered with either a light, a ring, or a tiny car. It’s worth the look on their face to see the fascination with the little toy among all the bubbles!
9. Decorate their bike! Yep, paint it, add playing cards to the wheels so they make noise, create your own steamers with items you have around the house and create a cute license plate for the back. Use an old creating card and frame without glass and make it personalized for them!
10. Make soap with them! That’s right, make soap together as an Easter treat! Order melt and pour soap (seriously this is not the best stuff for your skin because it is essentially just like commercial soap), a mold, coloring that is skin safe and some essential oils. Have fun making Easter egg soap together!
I hope you enjoyed these 10 inexpensive ideas for Easter gifts you may get online or make at home. Stay safe and enjoy family. Many of the items mentioned above may be ordered at Use the code save20 until April 19.