Lavender Chamomile TBGM


Escape to your happy place.

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This is a huge favorite with everyone that loves lavender, soft, and relaxing.  The blend of lavender and chamomile takes you away to some place far away where no one knows you and you have no worries.  Take this to the bath with you at night with a glass of wine and lock your door.  Escape to your dreams. This soap is made with the finest ingredients including non pasteurized goat milk, mango, shea, and cocoa butters. Goat milk soap is extremely beneficial at restoring moisture and the minerals and vitamins in goat milk restore your skin to a healthy glow. Ingredients: olive, coconut, sunflower oils, mango, shea, cocoa butter, goat milk, sodium hydroxide, depending on soap either fragrance oil or essential oil. Approx. 3 oz.  This is one oz. smaller than my normal size bar of soap.